Brian Cullen is an Irish musician and songwriter living in Japan. Brian plays a wide range of music from folk to pop to rock to jazz. His main instruments are guitar and piano. He also plays traditional Irish music on a range of instruments including mandolin, flute, and bouzouki.

YouTube Channel


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Please follow the Facebook page or Instagram page to hear about new music! You can also follow us on Bandcamp. Below, you can check out the albums and listen on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music etc. Live shows have also started again – hope to see you there.


  • Running Round (2021) by Brian Cullen & Tomonori Shimizu.
  • G (2021) by Brian Cullen & Sarah Mulvey and Some Cats from Japan. 
  • Bubbles (2019) by Brian Cullen & Sarah Mulvey and Some Cats from Japan.
  • Jukebox Paradise (2016) by Brian Cullen, Coindrop62, and the original cast.
  • The Hello EP (2008) by Iznit Obvious.
  • Charm (2003) by The Rising Pints.
  • Just Right (2001) by Brian Cullen & The Magical Otters.
  • Another Round (1999) by The Rising Pints.
  • The Rising Pints (1997) by The Rising Pints. Listen to the full album on YouTube.
  • Lady Don’t Cry (1995) by Brian Cullen & Tomonori Shimizu. Re-released in 2021 as part of the Running Round album.

Live Shows

January 26, 2024

Brian Cullen solo,
at The Shamrock Irish Tavern, Fushimi, Nagoya

December 27, 2024

Brian Cullen with Gaultiens at Slow Blues, Hoshigaoka, Nagoya. 『Turkey kitagawa』Memorial Third Live Party.



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